The full-service technology solution provider

Who Are We?

  • ICS is a full-service technology provider with more than 20 years’ experience providing innovative solutions to small, mid-sized, and large organizations.
  • A company founded on the principle that technology is a tool to help business leaders grow their company.
  • Every business has the same challenges – Software, devices, Security – these are common, but each businesses needs are unique, and we provide custom solutions for that uniqueness.

What’s our Key Message to potential clients?

Companies face the following challenge:

  • Reliant on their IT Infrastructure to properly support their daily business processes.
  • Systems are inefficient or inappropriate and the company does not have sufficiently trained staff or time to formally deal with proper maintenance, updates and repairs.
  • How many pieces of software and pieces of technology do you have
  • Are they all being optimized? Are they all secure?
  • ICS can help make sure they are

Raise Integrity, Compliance & Security


We keep your critical data safe:
• Product Information
• Client details
• Vendor details
• Financial data


We ensure your critical systems are compliant:
• Industry
• Legal
• Governmental
• Financial


We secure your critical systems against:
• Ransomware
• Virus
• Hardware Failure
• External Hacking


ICS will assist in architecting a Managed IT Solution that is fully customized to your organization’s unique set of requirements.
We also become an extension of your internal team


Access to best in class solutions


Right technology at the right time


Proactive Support & Solutions

Success Stories

Transportation Company - Converted 1k people over to 100% work from home within just 4 weeks.
Got them back up and running after a Ransomware attack that crippled their entire business – ICS implemented their Disaster Recovery plan and had over 200 servers back on-line within 1 hour.
Very Large Food brokers
Full HIPAA Cloud based solution implemented.
Family Private Care
Healthcare Provider
Specialist in assisting clients to gain PCI Accreditation