About Us
Infrastructure and Communication Solutions (ICS) is a full service technology solution provider with more than 20 years’ experience providing innovative technology to small, mid-sized, and large organizations. We deliver solutions for today’s business need while ensuring tomorrow’s future needs are inclusive.

Our strength lies within the partnerships we’ve cultivated over the past 20 years, partnering with the leaders within specific areas. Our focus is to provide solutions that compliment your business or departmental needs.
Infrastructure is the foundation of all technological systems and services. It determines the load it will bear along with providing sustainability for future growth. A weak foundation could potentially lead to long term challenges. Our organization assists you in building a solid foundation for future growth and sustainability based on your organization’s individual needs (No one size fits all).
Information exchange is a key business process needing the confidentiality, Integrity, and availability you expect. ICS assist you in building the communications foundation necessary to conduct business on a local or global scale.
Through technology and innovations, organizations are changing at an unparalleled rate. Some departmental technology resources are losing the battle because they cannot keep up with the rapid pace of changes coupled with an overload of normal responsibilities. We position ourselves to assist those organizations by providing the right solutions for the organization.